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Rekall: The Voice of Europe (2021)

Sentinel představují v novém mixtape světu velký vídeňský talent

Sentinel představují v novém mixtape světu velký vídeňský talent, který si říká Rekall. Už jsme o něm psali v souvislosti jeho spolupráce s Adamem z Bassrunner Music a mezi videoklipy najdete čerstvý remix jeho ganja songu s Million Stylezem. Teď je tu ale celý autorský mixtape, pod který se podepsali veteráni z německého Sentinel Soundu. Máme tu i link na free download >> a níže původní tiskovou zprávu od autorů.

Reggae in Europe is underground. That’s why it’s very important that the different activists work together and help each other to get the recognition they deserve – especially in the current situation where neither artists nor sounds are able to perform live. That’s why Sentinel teamed up with Austrian Reggae-Sensation Rekall to release „The Voice of Europe“ mixtape. The idea behind the project is to put together a compact musical package to introduce one of the most talented artists, the European Reggae scene has to offer, to the world. Hailing from Austria’s beautiful capital Vienna, Rekall basically started doing music from birth. Being blessed with an extraordinary musical talent he joined the world renowned Vienna Boy’s Choir and toured the world with this legendary outfit from a very young age. Later, he discoved Reggae and Dancehall, fell in love with this music and decided that this is what he wants to do with his life. This passion, combined with his talent and his education, makes him a force to be reckoned with and an artist that no Reggae fan can afford to not know. Therefore „The Voice of Europe“ is not just a compilation of his greatest songs, no, it’s full of exclusives, dubplates, unreleased songs, and it also features interview parts throughout the mix which give an insight into Rekall’s world. If you love Reggae, you simply can’t miss this mixtape!

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