Roots reggae fest in Horice is already this weekend

Cultural Reggae Vibez calls once again. On Thursday night it begins by the quarry U svatého Josefa in Hořice the 12th year of the festival. The organizing people are just doing it out of love for music, so there’re no hostess offering their products or no advertising transparty or anything. The festival area is located in the middle of the forest in a very unique area, which has an incredible charm. Also this year there will be two scenes, the concert one under a rock and soundsystem one back in the woods. Who will be performing there and what can we look forward to?

Let the organizers talk: „Every year, we are featuring bands or projects that are known, and also those who didn´t perform yet in our republic. We are trying to make the program as various as possible, so each visitor gets what they like, „they explain. “You will hear a mix of styles at the festival, from reggae, ska, dub, dancehall through the world music to faster styles such as drum ´n´ bass or  raggajungle. For this year, we have prepared several novelties. The first one is an online presale on, where each visitor can buy a ticket from the comfort of home. All the tickets are protected by the barcode, which will be checked at the entrance by the code reader. Because the festival is located in the middle of the forest, we want to be as thrifty to nature as possible. At the Festival we do not support any hard drugs, thus no hard alcohol. “ This is a very nice exception in the Czech Republic, what do you think?

„It has become a tradition that the festival takes place on the second weekend in June, 7. -8. 6. As in the past years we will start on Thursday 6.6. with the smaller sound system stage. The whole area will be open the next day in the afternoon and at five o’clock the musical productions on the main stage will start. The Program will run almost continuously until the wee hours of Sunday. “ In addition, there will be some more novelties this year.

„In the past we had a bad experience with disorderly visitors, who destroyed unfamiliar property or did not want to pay the admission fee. Therefore,this time we decided to fence the area. The security service will keep an eye on it. Camping will continue to be in the area of the festival. For safety’s reasons we recommend camping and parking at the nearby camp Autokemp u Věže. “

And what about the program? „At this year’s festival there will perform more than 10 bands, 17 sound systems and a few other projects and Djs. The biggest attraction is the Italian band Train to Roots. The band is one of the most significant in the Italian reggae scene since 2004. Their album’s „Train to Roots“, „Terra e Acqua“ and „Terra e Acqua Deluxe Version“ are the results of intensive work in the studio, which allowed the band to perform at international reggae festivals. The band has a specific style, but its goal is also searching for new and fresh sounds. The first four singles of 2010 bear evidence of it: „Is not a crime“ dedicated to Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival, „Shame“, which was seen by about three and a half million people on YouTube, „Faya“ or sang in Italian „Il più bel sogno“. The most recent albums were released in April “Enemies „and“ Breathing Faya “ in June of 2011. Now after a long tour around Italy and Europe the band frames up a new album that will be released in October 2013. The album will be preceded by the singles called LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, AFRICANS … and many others.

Another headliner that will be in Hořice is well known Jamaican singer Fireblack. He consideres himself a fishermen, a scuba diver, a soccer player, a singer, a percusionist, a sculptor and a cook … all that he enjoyed during the teenage years in Jamaica. Had the opportunity to spend time in the JBC radio next to Barry Gordon and soak up on the music, especially soul. By his 13 years he experienced a break, when he sang with a group of other people on the beach, and it was the moment when he realized that he is a singer by heart. He began performing on the streets of his hometown Port Antonio, where he met lots of other rastafarians. Then he moved to Germany, which offered him more options. He featured on many stages throughout Europe. With the band he released the song „Soft Answer“ to the album „One Earth“ in 1994. Since then he collaborated on many albums such as „The Family“ or „Cosmic Force“ with  people, such as Shocking Murray or Singing U. He released „Eye Water“ In 2004, the first solo single and video for the project „Damara Crew“. Since then, he decided to fully devote himself to his solo career, under Tom Tom Records he released the album „Roots Reggae“ in Berlin, which was to bring people back to the roots.

Rare foreign guest will be Rocky Leon. He was born in San Francisco in 1985, his mother is Austrian and father is Brazilian. He spent his childhood between Austria and California, and later he graduated from school in Austria. Music is a celebration, he is enjoying the music which expresses strong emotions, whether it is happiness or anger. His music is here to point out to him and to the whole world that there is no problem as great as it seem in life.

From Czech artists there will be performing the most respected Czech reggae singer Mr. Cocoman with the band The Solid Vibes,also Dub.O. Net, The Spankers and many other bands and DJs. The second stage will be focused on Sound System culture, which will be represented by Austrian Jah Premacy and R.B Sound System, Polish Splendid Sound System and Sensithief, Britain and USA will be represented by ISM & Turner and as well as many Czech sounds will be performed.


Main stage:
Train to roots (It), Fireblack & The Dub Engineers (Jam, De), Rocky Leon (A), Mr. Cocoman & The Solid Vibes, Peanut Empire ( De, CZ), Dub.O.Net, The Spankers, Messenjah, Jahtec Jammin´ Job, EXT Band/ Čaj na EX, Mr. Roll, Mic-key Dreadalist & Dj Richie, Rollandblow, Ras Dread, Ras Steppa Zaggamuff, Sylvain Dubiolin Jam & KATRIN, Colectiv

Sound system stage:

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