New roots reggae EP from D-Medz!

Riding high from the success of his singles „Baby Mama Drama“ and „Road Tonight“, reggae singjay Dwayne ‘D-Medz’ Adams is putting in the hours to complete his second EP – a live-play roots reggae compilation! “This album will be the follow up to my debut EP Road Tonight and will boast an exclusive roots reggae vibe”, quips D-Medz. “I’m working with some of the most talented musicians and producers in the business including Dean Fraser, Robbie Lyn and Glenroy Browne. The sessions so far have been great and we’re doing the recordings as a live-play session at Tuff Gong Studios. The energy you get doing a live-recording is amazing and it’s definitely going to be something ‘different’ and impactful. I haven’t officially named the EP yet but I’ve completed all the writing for the tracks and we’re gearing towards a release in late December or early January 2015”.

In addition to finalizing his new EP, D-Medz is also currently stepping up promotion for his new single Rebel Souljah. Produced by Zimbabwean label Abra Tribe Music on the MarangeRiddim,the track has been buzzing on African airwaves as well as in the Caribbean. He explained that Rebel Souljah was penned as a black-consciousness uplifting track and has resounded very well within and outside the Diaspora, “Rebel Souljah is an empowering song and was composed to appeal to Africans or ‘freedom fighters’ at home and abroad. It should inspire listeners to make positive contributions to society and to fight for equality” said D-Medz. The song, he confirms, has been getting a lot of ‘good vibrations’ especially in Ghana, opening the doors for him to do a lot more work with other African producers.

Road Tonight has hit number 5 on Richie B’s top 25 countdown chart while Baby Mama Dramais currently number 1 on the Blacker Top 20 Video Countdown Charts and has been making top 40 rounds in Africa, Australia, UK and the Caribbean.

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